Using reveal.js with github pages for your presentations

reveal.js is a great and really easy to use framework for creating your presentations. Today we’ll see how to create and deploy presentations on github pages. (Specific instructions on how to use and configure reveal.js can be found here).

##Clone reveal.js repository To start using reveal.js, first we must clone the reveal.js master branch. Then delete .git history and init git again.

git clone
rm -rf .git
git init

##Rename cloned repository Next rename the reveal.js cloned folder.

mv reveal.js/ presentation-name

##Adding a remote repository Creating a github repository is very easy. Just go to the Repositories page on your github account and press New button. Then to add a new remote use git remote add command in the terminal.

git remote add origin

##Create your presentation and commit it to the repo Next, commit and push the ready presentation to the newly created repository.

git add .
git commit -m "Initial commit"
git push origin master

##Create gh-pages branch and push In order to publish the presentation to github pages, we need to create gh-pages branch and then commit and push all the content we’ve created to it.

git branch gh-pages
git checkout gh-pages
git push origin gh-pages

##Load the page Uploaded presentation will be available at

##Edit your presentation If you want to edit your presentation, make your changes in the master branch and then merge it to gh-pages branch.