Workflow and tools

I like to read an articles, where other developers are sharing the tools they are using in their everyday work. Been able to see someone else workflow is giving me another view of my own. And today, with a little time for blogging into my belt, I’ll share some of the tools, that are part of my workflow.


  • AngularJs - I know Angular is in the hype for a while, but there are a good reasons for that. Can’t wait for 2.0
  • Ionic - ionic is a framework for building hybrid mobile apps, using angularJs and cordova plugins. It’s damn good written and has a big community support.
  • Cordova - Apache Cordova API’s gives access to native mobile devices functions (camera, accelerometer, etc.) with javaScript.

##Main Libraries

  • Grunt - my preferred js task runner. Automating the dev process is really great and time saving.
  • Gulp - the other most popular task runner. Faster than grunt, but not so often used by me(for now).
  • jQuery
  • underscore.js/loDash.js

##IDE and text editors

  • WebStorm - my favourite and default tool for coding. Great set of features on a really reasonable price.
  • Brackets- I started using it lately. Written in JavaScript, CSS and HTML, Brackets has a lot of plugins and it’s open source.


  • Chrome - Google’s Chrome browser is my default dev browser. So, nothing surprising here. :)
  • Firefox Developer Edition;

##Online code enviroments

  • Plunker - using it for fast prototyping and ProofOfConcepts.

##Supporting apps

  • Pocket
  • ReadKit - RSS feed app, which also aggregates all the stuff from Pocket. Simple and great.
  • Spotify- who can code without music?
  • TweetDeck